Jared Allard

Software Engineer

Seattle, WA

# Who am I

Hello! I specialize in highly available backend development, involving containers, node.js and golang.

Please feel free to contact me if you're interested in learning programming or want to grab a cup of coffee in Seattle, WA.

# My Projects

> nexe - create single executables out of your node.js applications
> phc-win - create single executables out of your windows php applications
> shinojs - simplified and powerful Twitter bot framework
> staymarta - A Airbnb like housing / adventure platform (former work)

# Contact Security

If you plan on contacting me via email, you can optionally use PGP to encrypt your emails with me, here's a list of tutorials for setting up PGP here
My public key's fingerprint is:

D6AC E555 3F42 851E CD66 A873 D726 121F 93EC 72B5